June, 2010. The actual manuscript
The manuscript is a direct criticism of the article by Dr. Siegman.
June, 2010. Replies of the referees
One of the referees is Dr. Siegman. We appreciated the fact that he decided to refuse anonymity. However it is unfortunate that the Editor does not recognize the conflict of interests. The Referee 2 erroneously thinks that we are dealing with microspheres.
June, 2010. Editorial decision
June, 2010. Our appeal to Dr. Carrig
June, 2010. Appeal rejected
Dr. Carrig cites strong reputations of both reviewers.
July, 2010. Appeal to the chief Editor Brian Justus
We cannot cannot accept reputation as a valid argument in rejection our paper.
September, 2010. Appeal is rejected
Dr. Justus did not see a conflict of interest in selecting Dr. Siegman as a reviewer.